Product Quality

Exquip threaded pipe protectors are CNC machined, not moulded. This ensures a perfect fit with enough gap for grease and with no risk of shrinkage. We use stringent quality controls during manufacture and complete regular product testing using fully calibrated specialised testing equipment. We thread test all protectors prior to release.

Our products have been tested to match and exceed API Standards. Testing documents can be found here.


Environmental Performance

Exquip threaded pipe protectors are manufactured using advanced polymer construction which as well as providing improved performance over traditional steel thread protectors also offers the advantage that a large part of the used protector can be recycled and reused. Exquip International Ltd. offers to collect and recycle used thread protectors to ensure they are either reused or recycled.



By using 100% recycable material, we can help to avoid protector dumpsites like these.


Exquip Quality Certifications

While Exquip USA LLC. is in the process for ISO9001:2008 certification, Exquip International Ltd. and Exquip Germany GmbH have already passed these certifications.