Exquip manufacture a range of pipe protectors that are unique in the marketplace - from 2 7/8" up to 58". more


produktbilder/spacer_ring_270.jpgBUMPER RINGS

Exquip spacer rings are made slightly undersize for a tight fit and they are easy to install and to remove within seconds. more


produktbilder/riser-protector.jpgRISER PROTECORS

 more info coming soon


produktbilder/clear_run.jpgTRANSPARENT PROTECTORS

We manufacture transparent protectors from 2 7/8" up to 16", they offer good contact transperency for visual inspection combined with good impact resistance.


produktbilder/protectorcolors.jpgCUSTOMIZED COLOURS

Exquip's standard protector colour is black, but we can offer a wide range of different colours due to your requirements.


produktbilder/exquip_wellhead.jpgWELLHEAD PROTECTORS

more info coming soon



produktbilder/52-zoll.jpgSUPERSIZE PROTECTORS

Exquip is not only known to offer high quality big size protectors, but also for custom made supersize protectors, click to find out more


produktbilder/stabguide.jpgSTABBING GUIDES

Ask for our handcrafted heavy duty Stabbing Guides; they offer highest reliability and durability.

produktbilder/bevel_cap.bmpBEVEL PROTECTOR CAPS

Exquip Bevel Protector Caps are equipped with a 15mm thick bumper zone and a unique clamping geometry to ensure a snug fit and best protection of welding bevels from 2 7/8" up to 16".