Exquip’s Company History

A brief history of Exquip Worldwide

Exquip was established in 1988 in Germany as “Exquip Reu-GmbH” with the intention of manufacturing a totally recyclable thread protector. The idea was to manufacture a protector without using steel, which was predominantly used by all other manufacturers for product stability, but instead use a patented system for stability in larger sizes. Nine years later, the company built its own plant in Hamm, Germany. It was renamed in 2013 to “Exquip Germany GmbH” in conjunction with new management of the company. It has been extended to include another warehouse and outdoor storage areas in 2015.

In 1997, Exquip International Ltd was established in Aberdeen, Scotland, with the intention to deliver more service, stock, and increase distribution capabilities to our customers in the North Sea Oil & Gas market. Exquip International Ltd. moved to a larger warehouse in Montrose, Scotland in 2002.

In 2000, Exquip USA LLC was established in Houston, Texas and production began in 2004. The company underwent a respectfull growth period and in 2011 opened a second production facility in Hockley, Texas. Both Texas locations incurred improvements and expansions in 2015 utilizing the full capacity of their warehouse and yards.

By supplying protectors solely made from high density polypropylene within a diameter range from 2 3/8” to 52”, Exquip has a well-established and unique position in the Oil & Gas market. Since 2013, Exquip is a completely family-owned business with 100 employees worldwide and is growing alongside the rising Oil & Gas market.

Exquip Certifications

Exquip is certified in the ISO 9001:2008 International Quality Management Standard. Our Quality Management System covers all aspects of our operations to ensure the products and services we provide are to the highest possible standard and we continually review and improve our systems. For more detailed information on our certifications and up to date news, please visit our websites.

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