Products and Services

Threaded & Non-Threaded Protectors

Exquip protectors are manufactured from HDPP up to 52” in diameter in almost every imaginable design. Especially for new threaded protector types, Exquip requires a sample connector – usually supplied by the customer – to assure a perfect fit of the threads. The protectors can be equipped with additional fixations or anti-rotation systems, almost all open end protector types can also be delivered in a closed ended version and vice versa. Read more

Transparent Protectors

Exquip manufactures transparent protectors from 2 3/8” up to 16”, that offer good contact transparency for visual thread inspection combined with good impact resistance. These protectors can be equipped with lip seals and/or silicone seals. Exquip has also modified the E/MAA copolymer for higher impact and brittle fracture resistance in cold temperature ranges, which usually is a critical environment for transparent polymers. Read more

Riser Cradles

Exquip Riser Cradles are manufactured from high molecular polymers in combination with high grade steel components to allow stacking of up to three Riser Joints.

The cradles can be designed to fit every Riser setup to meet the specific needs of our customers. The cradles can be manufactured to fit existing frames on rigs or ships or can be delivered with a customized pedestal. Read more

Spacer Rings

In order to protect pipe outside diameters against damage resulting from pipes hitting each other, Exquip manufactures bumper rings made of spirally-formed coloured polypropylene material. Exquip Bumper Rings are made slightly undersized for a tight fit but remain easy to install and remove within seconds. Other profile types or sizes are available on demand. Read more

Bevel Protector Caps

Exquip Bevel Protector Caps come with a unique clamping geometry to ensure a snug fit and best protection of weld bevels. Read more

Riser Protectors

Exquip massive riser protectors protect main connection and auxiliary pipes within one protector solution. Read more

Riser Clamps

Exquip Riser Clamps ensure fixation and stabilization of the auxiliary pipes around Riser Joints. The clamps are made of high molecular polymers and can be designed to fit every Riser setup.

High grade steel cross dowels, self-locking nuts and threaded rods deliver a very reliable way to fix the auxiliary pipes and the clamp around the Riser Joint. Read more

Custom made Transportation & Storage Protection

If protection is required for special tools, large size connections or machines, Exquip can develop a solution. For example: Exquip designed and manufactured a 52” protector with a total length of 3 meters and a 22” hinged protector which can be connected and fixed through interlocks and locking plates up to 8 meters in length or more. Read more

Mud Mat

The Exquip Mud Mat was developed to save time and reduce cost on the rig. The drilling mud that remains on and within the drill pipe can easily flow through the holes in the mat and can be washed off with a pressure washer. The drain outlet will be positioned on customers specifications, our system allows us to manufacture almost every customized layout and size. Read more


Even though Exquips standard protector colour is black (RAL 9004), we offer a wide range of different colours and also keep stock of the most common and required masterbatches:

  • Grey (RAL 7005)
  • Traffic Purple (RAL 4006)
  • Traffic Red (RAL 3020)
  • Traffic Green (RAL 6024)
  • Yellow Green (RAL 6018)
  • Sky Blue (RAL 5015)
  • Sulfur Yellow (RAL 1016)
  • Orange (RAL 2007)

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