Anti Rotation

Depending on the connector details, Exquip can equip the protectors with anti rotation systems. Especially multi-start threads will benefit from these systems, but also when extrem rough handling is expected, an anti rotation system is highly recommended.

Anti Rotation Systems for PIN-Protectors:

Depending on the connector, we can offer a system where a rectangular clip has to be tightened with a screw to overlap the connector shoulder to prevent rotation. Exquip can also equip the PIN protector with a borehole and supply brass screws which – when installed – prevent protector rotation by fitting into an indentation or before a heightening of the connector profile.

Both systems are proven and being actively supplied to customers worldwide and can also be used for threadless connections. Exquip can provide additional systems on request.

Anti Rotation Systems for BOX-Protectors:

A newer development for the BOX protector is a „Bumper Ring“, a thin threadless protector that is being installed on the BOX end of the pipe before the BOX protector is being installed. The bumper ring has enough clearance to freely rotate around the connector and protector and therefore prevents the BOX protector from rotation when the pipes have contact.

Of course, BOX protectors can also be secured with the brass screw system (which would also work for a threadless BOX protector), if the connector layout allows for it.