Transport & Logistics

Incoming orders are being processed by need-by-date which means no priorities due to large order amount. This is to allow us and our customers to stay as flexible in production as possible.

Our long term experience in transport worldwide as well as close cooperation with our business partners coming from sea, air and land transport allows us to pack our goods according to import specifications of the designated country of delivery. Additionally, our export documents follow the same specifications as mentioned above and – if applicable – will be expanded by BL or AWB coming from our shipping agent.

Our packaging is consistent of exclusively ISPM 15 pallets (since mid-2017) as well as heavy duty shrinking foil which makes it possible to keep our goods packed for a longer course of time, e.g. transit time via shipping container.

Truck as well as container loading is being handled by experienced and trained staff. Picking of pallets in advance gives us the possibility to make our loading process quick and efficient.