Protector Tests

Exquip Protectors are continuously tested according to IADC/SPE 17209, 11396 and API 5CT Annex I to match and exceed these specifications.

High strength elasticity and natural stability achieved through utilization of advanced polymer engineering and self-developed manufacturing methods eliminates the need for steel reinforcements which is used as dimension stabilizing element in composite protectors.

On-site experience shows the positive relaxation characteristics oft he material that prevents EXQUIP protectors from jamming even under the heaviest impact in the field.

Exquip is currently running a new test with an independent test laboratory to cover for the latest revision of API 5CT Annex I. The test reports will be available here as soon as the tests are finished.

Please find below historical testing documents:

pdf„IADC/SPE 17209 Test 1994/95“ Our first Large Tubing and Small Casing-Test includes Impact-, Salt Water Spray-, Thread-Stripping-, Vibration Resistance-, Chemical Resistance- and Internal Pressure-Test; independently supervised and performed by mhp (Mannesmann Hoesch Präzisrohr) in 1994/1995.

pdf10 3/4" Vam 21 Critical Qualification Tests Additional Angular Impact-, Torque- and Stripping-Tests have been made for Vallourecs Large Casing qualification, performed and supervised by an independent test lab (element) in 2017.

pdfUV Test according to ISO 4892 Full UV Resistance Test for several protector qualifications performed by an independent test lab (k-labor) in 2017.

pdfVarsol and Trichlorethylene (Solvents-) Tests Solvent Test against the two most aggressive solvents for plastic protectors, performed 2017 by an independent test lab (element).

pdf1000h Salt Spray (Fog) Test acc. to ASTM B 117 Corrosion Test on a 5 1/2" JFE Bear PIN and BOX connection sample, connection treated with storage dope / corrosion inhibitor, as described in API 5CT Annex I.

pdf26 Inch Threadless Protector Stripping Test Stripping Test of a threadless PIN-Protector fixed on a connection with steel clamps and brass screws, performed in 2018 by an independent test lab (element).

pdf24 Inch and 30 Inch Axial Impact Tests Axial Impact Tests performed on our 24" and 30" Conductor Casing protectors, supervised by an independent test lab (element) in 2017.

pdf20 Inch and 72 degrees C axial impact Additional Axial Impact Tests on one of our 20" protectors under simulated very hot conditions (+72°C) to show the good performance of Exquip PP in hot environments, performed and supervised in 2018 by Exquip.